Anitra Koopman, PhD student on DIRECT project, studying biomarkers that define sub-classes of individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes

Simone Rauh, PhD student on DIRECT project, studying prediction models for the development or progression of diabetes

Anne Rutte, PhD student on the ‘Parelsnoer Inititive’ project, studying the association between socio-economic status and glycemic control

Nicole den Braver, PhD student on the ENDEVOUR project, studying environmental determinants for the risk of type II diabetes and depression

Morgan Obura, PhD student on DIRECT project, studying Distinct glucose trajectories following an oral glucose tolerance test

Marjolein Harbers, PhD student on Supreme Nudge project (VUmc and Julius Centre)

Lenka Groeneveld MSc, datamanager

Several research nurses, varying


Former team members

Hester van der Wiel MSc, datamanager

Brenda de Zwart MSc, researcher, studying the change in social jetlag over time in adolescents and the association with body composition

Esmee Burgers Bsc student, studying the association between social jetlag and cardiovascular disease

Maria Mast, PhD student, studying long-term effects of insulin initiation in people with type 2 diabetes

Nina van Vliet, MSc student, studying Chronic Stress and Change in BMI and Waist Circumference  over time

Danique van Dijk, MSc student, studying The associations between sleep duration, sleep variability, insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion

Kaira van der Pal, MSc student, studying the association between several sleep parameters and parameters of the metabolic syndrome